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[IP] Micros & Sils

Hi There,

Erica uses a Silhouette, and I am so glad we chose them from the
beginning for her.  She was 10  when she started pumping, slim and trim,
and from what I had read, they were the thing to use.  We have never
regretted doing so.

Erica and I are going to a parent support group meeting tonight (I
should have asked this a few days ago) and I know a lot of the parents
will probably be asking us a bunch of questions.  Having not tried
anything but the Sil, I cannot give them a very educated reply about the
micros, although I have read a lot about the softsets.  I was told by
somebody in Minimed that the Micros are very popular in certain regions.

Has anybody here used the Sil/Comfort/Tender, then tried the soft set or
micro and found it to be better? worse? equivalent?  I have read about ,
or been in touch with a number of people who have switched from the
Softset to the Sil, with much success, but can't say I have seen much
about a successful Sil toSoftset or Micro switch.

I would REALLY appreciate your comments!

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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