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[IP] Running vs other forms of exercise

All my life, I've scoffed at the reports that a diabetic cannot exercise
(or their performance/energy level will suffer) at numbers above 200.

However in the past week, I've been convinced!  Former forms of
exercise, while extremely strenuous, were just not the same as running. 
I am doing a 10 weeks to a 5k program, and am learning all sorts of

1.  in aerobics classes, other high intensity sports - I would drop
drastically in the first 15 min and then level out.  I always
disconnected about 15 minutes prior and remained disconnected for the
2.  with running, I cannot disconnect or I will generally rise or not
budge.  I think it is more difficult for me, therefore my liver must be
kicking in some energy/sugar which makes my sugars NOT change and/or go
up.  I no longer have the sharp drop at the beginning either???  Must be
taxing from the first minute ;)

My question is for serious runners (which I would like to become!) - how
does running differ from other sports in terms of blood sugar for you?

What is your range of optimum performance?  Mine suffered about 210!!!

Now, aside from all the guesses at what is going on, I have been very
emotionally stressed lately which has changed ALL my basals so my whole
body might just be reacting differently.  I have not been doing my other
traditional exercise stuff (hockey, kickboxing, aerobics classes,

Interested for input!
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