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[IP] RE: adhesives & sets

When I got my samples of Mastisol & Detachol from MiniMed, I called
the Clinical Services number, NOT the sales line.  That was what my
local MM sales person told me to do.  He wears a 508 himself and uses
Mastisol extensively and claimed he was getting it thru MM.  This guy
is an ex-college track star and still works out a lot and claimed it
worked great for him.  I got my samples from MM in August 2000.

I also spoke to the manufacturer of Mastisol and they said they do
not have samples to give out, but they were willing to help me get
the product.  They went so far as to call the pharmacy I use and
helped them order it.  Of course this was for the FULL sized version
and not a sample.  i.e. NOT FREE!

And you are correct that ALL other manufacturers I spoke to sent me
samples immediately.  On the Skin Bond Smith & Nephew did not have
samples, so they sent me 1 free full-sized bottle of it.  I am
guestimating that it will last me about a year.  They also sent a free
box of the Unisolve wipes (good thing!).

Try the clinical services number at MM and see what they say about
Mastisol.  I will also call my local sales guy and ask about it again.

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