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[IP] Square Wave/Dual Bolus

I have been trying to figures these out for my daughter Colleen (7) her 
current 9pm -12 am basal rate is .9 and every time I have tried the square 
after a McD dinner or pizza - she crashes an hour later so I end up 
suspending treating and then calculating the carbs of the meal - what she has 
gotten and what she still needs.

Love my Dr. but he said when you find out let me know and MiniMed wasn't any 
help at all.....

I realize that it is YMMV but are there some standard guidelines that work??  
I am sure that Colleen's nighttime basal is too high when combined with a 
square wave but unless I do a square wave every night I am hesitant to change 
the basal rate.

Thanks for any feedback.
Colleen (7)(pumper 5/9/00)
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