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[IP] re: disetronic tenders/tube breaking

Tracy -
We're using the same set with our six year old, Nora, and the same thing is 
happening (Animas pump.)  It happened 3 times with 43" sets from the same 
lot, then it happened with a 23" set from a lot number that was just one 
digit different from the 43" set lot.

Animas is looking into it; it scares the daylights out of me, since she's 
not overly rough with her pump - typical 6 yo girl - and there's no alarm to 
tell you when this happens!!
Sally, mom to Nora, 6, pump 11/00

Tracy wrote:
Has anyone ever had problems with the Disetronic Tenders?  My son is 10 
old and although he plays rough with is pump on like any other child would
play, we have had problems with the tenders.  The tubing is breaking right
where you screw it into the pump cartridge.  I have called Disetronic with
the lot number of the box, that this has happened to, they replaced it, but
it happened again with this new box as well.  Maybe it is just my son, but 
has been on the pump for 7 months now, and this has just started happening
recently.  I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

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