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Re: [IP] Re: Tom C.'s Question

> Hi Tom,
> the 1/20 basal feature of the HTron was quite intriguing to me-and
> one of the many reasons I chose the diestronic pump over the others.
>  Actually, it makes alot of sense-as I wanted a pump to lean more
> toward the natural functions of the pancreas, rather than being
> closer to MDI(which is the way I saw it when comparing, as shots

I have no particular pump preference, but must de-bunk the "pancreas" 
argument. The pancreas delivers most of the body's insulin production 
directly to the liver whereas ANY kind of sub-cutaneous insulin 
delivery, be it shots or pump, delivers only a tiny percentage of 
insulin to the liver (under 5%). The rest is used up by the body 
before it ever reaches the liver. The various insulin formulations 
are designed specifically to diffuse through the fatty tissues of the 
skin in a "timed" release manner. The shortest time release is 
Humalog/Novolog (peak of an hour or so), followed by Regular, 
NPH, Lente, etc..... Delivery of small quantities of short term 
absorption insulin in increments of less than 1/2 of the initial peak 
time goes almost entirely unnoticed by the body because of the 
integration effect of the time it takes the insulin to diffuse 
through the tissue. As an aside, if the insulin were to be delivered 
intravenously, then Humalog, Regular, NPH would all act in about 15 

The only similarity of pumps to the pancreas delivery model is that a 
pump in the hands of a competent user delivers insulin in roughly the 
same amount as the body requires in a pattern that mimics average 
insulin requirements. A pump can not respond to bodily insulin needs 
as fast as the pancreas because of the long time delay introduced by 
today's insulin diffusing throught sub-cu tissue. this is precisely 
the issue being addressed by researchers working on closed loop 
bg-sensor / pump delivery systems.

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