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Re: [IP] kids can be cruel


Your subject line say it.  Kids can be cruel.  Tyler has had the fair weather 
friends come and go since he was diagnosed.  The good friends and have their 
adjustment problems including one who I really feel was jealous of "all the 
extra attention Tyler got because he was special."  If Matt really values the 
friendship he will wait it out.  If the friend is really a friend he will 
come around.  

But this is so easy for a parent to say and so hard for an adolescent to put 
up with.  Seem like all we as parents can do is be supportive for our sons.  
Let Matt know you care and do feel for how this hurts him, but let the guys 
work it out.

I make sure Tyler has lots to do with other friends through the rough spots.  
If this good friend wants to really be a friend, he will be back.  By then 
Matt may have had a little time to get perspective on the situation and 
decide for himself if he wants this friend and on what terms.

Raising kids can be hard.

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