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Re: [IP] kids can be cruel


  How old are the boys?  Adolescent?  Preteen?  Teens?  Depending on how  old 
they are would determine how I would handle he situation.  If they are still 
younger I would just explain to your son how his 'friend' is still young and 
doesn't understand a lot of things, or whatever.  You know the drill.  If 
these boys are pre-teen or teens then it might be a situation where you need 
to either address the other 'friend' or his parents.  At that age they should 
know more about hurting of others feelings, etc.  My son (8 yo) hurts when 
someone calls him the 'diabetes boy' or something along those lines.  What's 
important to me is that Josh (my son) be known as Joshua, a boy, who happens 
to have diabetes and in THAT order!  This is what I would really try to do.  
But it really depends on the age of the boys!!

mom to Josh
email @ redacted
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