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Re: [IP] kids can be cruel

>Boy  I feel sorry for Matt today. He's had this  "Best Friend" for awhile
>now. The usual bickering goes back and forth, and they always work things
>out. Well now this friend has really pushed it with Matt. This friend is
>telling Matt's other friends that the only reason anyone even LIKES Matt is
>because of his diabetes!  Isn't that a mean thing to say? He then said,
>"they should all like me too, i have asthma"!  What should i say to Matt
>about this? Any ideas?????

I can relate to this.  The best self defence for this is strong
self-esteem.  This is only one evnt of many sorted cruelties he'll face in
life.  So it's not important to deal with this one event but to build his
self-esteem (which no doubt is challenged in the first place by haveing a
"disease").  Many ways ot do it.  Pick up a book like "Self Esteem"  by
Mackay & someone else.  If he has a string sense of self and self-esteem
you will not need ot worry about this sort of crap; he'll handle it like a
pro and knoe quick enough what a true friend is.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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