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Re: [IP] Short of Insulin

> I use the glass cartridges from Disetronic, and find that I can't get
> three fills out of a bottle on Humalog.  Does anyone else have this
> problem?   Each cartridge holds 315 units of insulin, so with 3 fills
> out of the bottle, it should leave about 55 units left in the bottle. 
> I guesstimate that I'm taking about 40 units out of a new bottle when
> I get to the bottom of the old vial.  Any thoughts from the peanut
> gallery?
> David

Golly Gee, Buffalo Bob.  I have the same thing happening with my 
cartridges.  I took an old one tonight and filled it with water so that 
the plunger was flush with the base of the cartridge.  Measuring the 
water displaced from the cartridge with a 1 cc syringe I found that I 
had drawn approx 3.4 cc.  Then there was another 2.5 units that 
were left in the needle, and I'm not sure how much left in the 
cartridge.  So, maybe Lilly isn't shorting us on the Humalog?  :>)

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