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Re: [IP] MM Shareholders?

I bought MiniMed stock in 1998 and it has split twice since then.  I went on 
the Disetronic pump in June, 1999.  Two reasons I chose the D pump.  First, I 
could not get a MiniMed rep to return phone calls.  They sent me all the 
literature and video.  I called them several times because I had some 
questions and was told someone would call me back but no one ever did.  
Disetronic, on the other hand, was very prompt and responsive.  In fact, the 
regional rep and the local rep called me in addition to someone from the home 
office.  And the local rep came to my house to explain all the pump features, 
insurance info, etc.  Second,  I liked the fact  that the D pump delivered 
1/20 of the hourly basal every 3 minutes.   Compared to MiniMed, this 
delivery scheme more closely mimics the normal pancreas which delivers 
insulin continuously.  The MiniMed delivers 1/3 of the hourly basal every 20 
minutes.  Is this feature of the D pump important to anyone else?    Did 
anyone else choose the D pump instead of MM because of it?  BTW, Disetronic 
stock is up 127% in the last 52 weeks.

Tom C.
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