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Re: [IP] Switching Insulin

> Hi All,
> I just switched to Humalin R from Humalog. I realize that humalog is
> the preferred insulin but because I'm so insulin resistant and using
> close to 130-150 units a day. It's a pain to keep insulin in the
> pump. The other and main reason for switching is that I'm having
> skin reaction at the site from so much insulin in one place.
> The solution that we are trying is Humalin R because it comes in
> U500, so it's 5 times the insulin in one unit. My basal rates are
> now in the 0.5 to 0.7 range. 
> For those that use Humalin R are there some tips that you can 
> share? Do you bolus a little earlier before you eat? When do you
> check after meal blood sugars? Etc..
> I know with Humalog it one hour later you have 66% percent of the
> insulin to go and 2 hours later it's 33%. Does any one know the
> ratio for Humalin R? My insulin pumping book is at work and I've
> been home for the last two weeks after my surgery.

FOR TYPICAL people, regular insulin basal times start one hour 
earlier than similar Humalog basal times. YMMV!!!! Likewise you would 
need to bolus 30 min to 1 hour before eating. 

This is an individual thing and must be determined for YOU. Please 
check with your medical team. :-)

Please do keep us up to date on how the U500 works out. There are 
others on the list who are interested in this insulin because of 
insulin resistance.

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