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[IP] Re: pregnancy and cold meds, again

First, Sherri, glad whatever I wrote was helpful. Good luck with

Kerri, you raised good points. My OB doc said Benadryl was fine, but I've
only taken it twice. You, with 8 kids, sound more like an expert to me,
and if there is a chance of defects, definitely not taking the medicine
is the best bet. I've been trying to fight my cold with wonderful
clementine tangerines, a mister, and lots of water. So far, it's working.
Thanks for bringing up this problem, though. And no, the magazine didn't
specify which trimester you could take the medicine in, leading me to
believe that they were stating it was fine all the way through. But, it's
just a magazine. I don't trust the "what to expect" book too much either.

In related news, I had another ultrasound today at the high-risk center,
and everything is great! I am so relieved, as I was worried about recent
high blood sugars. My endo is really on top of things now, checking with
me every 5 days and re-calibrating basals. The high-risk doc was pleased
with growth, brain, and heart development, and doesn't even want to see
me back in. It was such a relief and reward to know this--diabetes with
pregnancy is harder than I thought. And to see the little face was
incredible! BTW, it's a girl, what I had hoped for. Thanks for everyone's
support. Only 11 weeks left!


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