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[IP] RE: Adhesives for sets

I also know of a couple other products that seem to work well in
holding on sets when you sweat a lot.  One is called Skintac-h and
it holds the tape on good and does not require too much work to
remove.  I have not needed to use an adhesive remover.

The other product is normally used for colostomy bags, but it is the
absolute best thing I have found to hold on my sets.  It is by Smith
and Nephew and is called Skin Bond.  This product REQUIRES some kind
of adhesive remover (Unisolve, Detachol, etc.) or it will take your
skin off when you yank on it.  I use this when I am swimming or
playing basketball and have not had any problems in using it.  Just
remember to put it on thin and that helps. ;-)  I know my local Rite
Aid pharmacy stocks Skin Bond and most can order it.

One thing to try is contact all of the vendors for the different
products mentioned on this thread and most will send you a free
sample.  You can get samples of Mastisol & Detachol from MiniMed.

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