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My Grandmother had her thyroid removed because she developed a goiter,
non-diabetic.  Also another gentlemen i know had his removed, i believe it
was cancerous, but he is also non-diabetic. It could really be any reason,
but i am suprised that the doctor didn't explain why he had to call a

Carrie M.

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> A non-D friend of mine was just referred from his PCP to see a
> "surgeon"
> because his thyroid level was "not right".  Does anyone know why
> he would
> have been told to see a surgeon and not an endo.
> He has never had a problem with Thyroid before.  I know this is
> not D
> related but I know that some of the pumpers in this group also
> suffer
> thyroid disease and wouldn't mind giving me some advice for him.
> You can
> email me privately.
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