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Re: [IP] frustrated

> Hi everyone.  I wrote last week because I was having problems with
> my 14 year old daughters high numbers.  Well we are still
> struggling.  I talked to her endo today.  Thought maybe she should
> try a different site.  Well we did that tried the but for the first
> time and she is still running high.  So she gave herself a shot of H
> to see if that would get her down and it just took her down to 190. 
> Also I thought the problem might be the progesterone that she is
> taking but she said that that would be out of her system after 3
> days of discontinuing.  She was sick the week of Nov 13 could that
> still have something to do with the high #'s even though she feels
> fine now?  I  am just perplexed I don't know what to do.  Any
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When Lily (17, pumping 6 years) runs consistently high, we slowly 
crank up her basals 0.1u/hr at a time until she stabalizes. We turn 
them down again when whatever it is passes -- if it passes. This has 
worked very well for her.
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