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Re: [IP] Adhesives for Sets

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Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 1:20 AM
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Through this list we found out about MASTISOL Liquid
> Adhesive made by Ferndale Laboratories, Inc, Ferndale, Michigan.

I tried Mastisol also, it worked great.  The regular version applicator for
it is much like a liquid shoe polish bottle.  I did not like that because it
would not be sterile after the first use. They also make a single use
version. This a box of little applicators much like the little bug-bite
tubes. You use them once and throw away.

You don't really need to buy the Mastisol solvent, (had trouble getting it)
any acetone solvent will work just as well (Unisolve etc).

I had trouble getting the small Mastisol applicators also, they were a
special order at the drug store.   Hearing about my problem getting the
Mastisol (I asked them if they could get it for me) the local MiniMed Dist.
suggested I try #7730 Medical Adhesive from Hollister.  #7730 comes in a
small aerosol can.

I liked the #7730 better.  It worked just as well as Mastisol, was easier to
apply, and most importantly was only $25 for a can that lasted a year.

Both of these adhesives are used to stick colostomy bags on.  They are both
heavy duty stuff. The difference between these and the normal adhesive
enhancers that we use (like Bards or I V prep), is like the difference
between an atomic bomb and a firecracker.  These products REALLY stick.

If you do the antiperspirant trick mentioned in a previous post, and the
Mastisol or #7730 route, you will have done as much as can be done without
divine intervention.-James
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