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Re: [IP] Be aware of false nutrition facts!

In a message dated 11/26/00 5:46:55 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Ahhhh, i too notice this problem with carbs not "looking" like the amount
 listed on the package. Especially the small snack size chips, pretzels, etc.
 I always double check, and think it through. Don't rely on the package
 alone. >>

Beware, beware, beware of the labels.  Our office is next to a small 
operation that packages "Arizona" type candy.  The friendy fellow over there 
gave me a sample package of prickly pear gum drops the other day.  I looked 
at the nutrition info on the back and questioned why the serving size said 7 
pieces when there were only four pieces in the bag?  His reply, "Oh, we ran 
out of the label for that candy, and the government requires a nutrition 
label so we can sell it.  We had some left over from another candy, so we 
just used those."

I made him aware of what this could do to us folks who have to use 
mathematical equations to figure the 1/10th unit of insulin needed to cover 
the candy and used my not-so-nice voice.  He was just trying to be nice and 
give us some candy.  I was fuming mad.

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