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[IP] Re: Frustrated..so were we


Over the past 8-10mos, we too have had problems with Erica's sugars
being higher than we were accustomed to, but it just happened every now
and then and then disappears.  We too changed sites which made no
difference, and I was always waiting for some type of illness to reveal
itself, but nothing....

This may sound a bit weird, but every now and then it appears that Erica
needs a higher than normal basal rate, for a few weeks, then it can drop
back again.  I discovered this by following these higher than normal
sugars and constant correcitons, and now when I see that her sugars are
climbing again for no apparent reason, we do a fasting basal test and
find that lo and behold, she requires more insulin per hour.  Plus we
have had to increase bolus ratios too but they remain the same with the
increased basal rate and the regular basal rate.  She has just been
dropped back to her regular basal rates, after being on the higher ones
for almost 3 weeks.  We have to watch this VERY carefully, especially at
night, because we don't know when her body will decide it doesn't need
the extra insulin anymore.  It has taken months to see this pattern, for
want of a better word.  We don't change the basal rates quickly, it
usually takes a week of high blood sugars and constant correction
boluses before we will do so.  I don't take changing basal rates
lightly, especially when dealing with a child, but to see the increased
basal rate bring things back into the zone for a few weeks is a relief
and she feels better too.  Who knows how long this will last, and when
the next wrench will be thrown in, but things are much better now that
we are aware of this *glitch*.

I am not suggesting this is what may be happening in your case, YMMV,
but I was wondering if other parents of pumpers who were going through
puberty were seeing something similar.

To the wonderful medical professionals we have on this list, do you have
any theories.  I am assuming HORMONES, but do growth spurts generally
take about 3 weeks, every few months? <VBG>

Barb....proud mom of Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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