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Re: [IP] ACE inhibitors

In a message dated 11/28/2000 2:27:41 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

> tried using the search feature, but came up empty even though i know it's 
> been discussed, so i'm obviously doing something wrong!!    
> i'll ask my question this way; had a routine visit with my endo yesterday, 
> things are great except for my blood pressure creeping up.      she 
> prescribed zestril - took one yesterday and woke at midnight with a sore 
> throat (one of the side effects listed) - my question is this -- anyone 
> else 
> on it, any problems with it and how long should i wait before i call to ask 
> for different prescription?
> thanks,
> kim

Hi Kim:

Its good to know that someone else also has a problem with bp. My internal 
medicine doctor has had me on Aldomet. I have been increased to 1,500mg a day 
and still no help.

I will see the endocrinologist today for the first time. The only reason why 
I was put on Aldomet was because I was trying to get pregnant. I have now 
decided to put that on hold to concentrate on my pump therapy and severe 
hypertension. I am sure I am going to be put on something else. There are so 
many bp meds out there. If this is really causing you problems then I would 
suggest trying something else.

I do know that when I started the aldomet, it took me almost two weeks to get 
used to it. I was extremely tired, irritable and sometimes sick to my stomach 
with a headache but it went away within two weeks.

So I guess I would try it for a couple of weeks and after the two week period 
then if you are still experiencing problems I would contact the endo.

This is just my opinion YMMV.

Take care

Betsy :)
Pumping 10 days and loving it! :)
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