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Re: [IP] Friend in DKA and they pulled the pump!!- sorry, Long!

I will certainly keep your friend in my prayers. Hospitals are pretty 
stupid. My last stay in one a few months ago had to be my worst. My 
sugar would not go below 400 for 5 days. The er left me for 2 hours 
on a gurney with no iv, nothing . My sugar was 676. I told them I 
thought I had an infection. The doctor did not check and proceeded to 
get me antiboitics. I had to fight for a pelvic exam and to pee in a 
cup. The hospital released me with my sugar above 300. They had in 
the course of three days tried to eliminate my humalog , stop my 
nightime dose, and refused to give me my antidepressant that helps my 
leg pains so I could sleep. Instead of giving me n at bedtime they 
gave me R and caused me to seizure. They injected   it while I was 
sleeping due to my high sugars. It was aweful. I won't go there again 
and have made arrangements to go elsewhere for treatment for 
anything.   Hopefully my pump will be soon. I have a lovely new 
doctor and things are getting better. Hang in there . You will be in 
my thoughts

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