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[IP] Adhesives for Sets

I hope someone can suggest something about adhesives to use to anchor the 
sets better. Like a lot of others I sweat profusley and have the set come 
out. I have not had any problems with the adhesive on the tapes provided 
with the sofsets but when I put the tincture of benzoin on it gives me fits 
after a couple of days. It starts itching and blisters my skin. When I 
remove it I have to do it in the shower and lather up almost to a paste 
consistency twice with Dial soap, jump out of the shower and apply a thick 
glob of Cortaid and rub well. When I was a child, mother used calamine 
lotion on a rash on my stomach and it too blistered me. To say the least I 
am sensitive to a lot of the bandage adhesives, even when blood is drawn by 
venipuncture they have to use paper tape over the cotton. Now does anyone 
know of an adhesive someone like me might use. I am starting to get 
desperate and am thinking at each set change go to a surgeon and have them 
stapled in place so they won't come out easily (not really, but it makes 
good press).

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