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Re: [IP] MiniMed 508


I upgraded from a MM-506 to the 508 in September, and have had no problems
with it.  The 508 is my 4th MM pump; I've rarely had a problem with the MM
pumps (just once - the internal battery died on me - but the pump was nearly
6 years old).  I have been on an insulin-pump for 18 years, and would never
consider going back to conventional therapy.  I always have used a case, so
static has not been a problem, nor have I ever had a problem with
overdelivery or reservoir doors staying closed (probably because I always
use a case!).  Any problems I've experienced have usually been due to
"operator-error".  When I first began using the 508 I did experience an
increase # of hypos, but that is probably because I've been going through a
renewed commitment to controlling my disease and/or better delivery because
my old pump was starting to wear out.

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