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Re: [IP] soup question

> Ok I am stumped a little bit here.  My bg has been high, not hit the
> 400 mark yet, but after about 6 units, which should drop me 600
> points, but didn't, I am coming down.  currently 255.  So here is my
> weird question:  I wanted soup, good old canned soup, so I opened my
> good old canned soup, and the carb listing is this:  Serving size is
> 1 cup.  Servings per can: 2.5. (prepared)  Carbs per serving: 19. 
> This is for totally prepared soup, adding the can of H2O.  BUT I
> don't add a full can of H2O, I like my soup thicker, so I added a
> half can.  Does that change my CHO any?  I never thought about this
> before, but since I am dropping, I want to compensate for it, but
> not too much. Thanks in advance for answering my odd ball question! 

Depends on how you measure the soup. If you measure strictly by 
volume based on the label information you will not get the carbs you 
expect. However, if you divide the soup into 2.5 parts and eat one of 
them, you will have one serving -- thus 19 grams without regard to 
the volume. Simplest solution, measure the pot of soup when you are 
fininshed heating it. Pour what you want to eat in measuring cup and 
use your calculator to determine what portion you are eating and what 
the carb content is.

if whole pot = 12 oz, 2.5 x 19 =  47.5 grams of carbo
  47.5 divided by 12 = 3.95 or about 4 grams per oz.
you eat 7 oz
carb intake = 7 x 4 = ~28 grams

you can use this method for ANY food. Pasta is a good example.
Calculate the carbs for a whole box or package of pasta.
Typically 8 servings x 55 g/serving = 440 grams
drain and measure the pasta. Usually about 7 cups for this amount
each cup of pasta = 440 divided by 7 =~ 62 grams

So.... maybe you eat a half a cup, my daughter eats a whole one :-)

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