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[IP] soup question

Ok I am stumped a little bit here.  My bg has been high, not hit the 400
mark yet, but after about 6 units, which should drop me 600 points, but
didn't, I am coming down.  currently 255.  So here is my weird question:  I
wanted soup, good old canned soup, so I opened my good old canned soup, and
the carb listing is this:  Serving size is 1 cup.  Servings per can: 2.5.
(prepared)  Carbs per serving: 19.  This is for totally prepared soup,
adding the can of H2O.  BUT I don't add a full can of H2O, I like my soup
thicker, so I added a half can.  Does that change my CHO any?  I never
thought about this before, but since I am dropping, I want to compensate for
it, but not too much.
Thanks in advance for answering my odd ball question!  vbg
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted
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