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[IP] I hate doctors

 Ok, I had a woman check up NOv. 16. It was with a new
doc b/c my PCP is on emergency family leave for the
next 3 months or so. SHe did a UA just to be sure
things were fine.
 Got a call today, the results came back questionable
on Nov. 18...took 9 days to call when they needed me
to come in for a recheck....GRRRRR> Today, I"m peeing
every 5 seconds, maybe I had been all weekend, but I
notice it more in school whne I have to go between and
during EVEErY class...I told the nurse on the phone
I'm about to make an appt b/c I've had stoamch pain
for a week and now I'm peeing nonstop...she goes when
the doc ran the ua did i hvae any symptoms..no...tells
me to come in..they're open till 7pm tonight so can i
come in now I ask..no, they don't do the lab thne..so
i can come in 330pm tomorrow...I told her how things
were rising fast and like now I have ketones and I
wanted to see the doc not just pee in a cup and wiat
one week for the results (Geez, remember i wa sin
hospital a month ago for something so similar b/c i
could not get in to see the doc???).... anyhow that
practice is driving me nuts. I won't see a doc or
nurse tomorrow, I'll just pe ein the cup. I'm sorry
but I'm going to be a real btch if I still have
ketones b/c I'm not waiting a week to get on
antibiotics if I need them. Sorry.

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