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Re: [IP] Re: Disetronic Tenders

> TraceyS,
> We have what sounds like a similar problem with the tenders and the
> tubing for our 4 year old over the 3 months he has been pumping. 
> The part that screws into the pump never breaks, but the place where
> the tubing meets the part that screws in breaks frequently right at
> the joint. 

I can suggest a technical solution, but you'd have to try it to see 
if it works. Go to a local electronics supply house and purchase some 
"shrink" tubing that just fits on the Leur Lock fitting that is 
attached to the tube. Use a piece about one inch long and slip it 
over the fitting and down the tube. Using a blow drier, gently and 
carefully heat the tube to shrink the piece, then let it cool. Use 
the tube as before. The extra reinforcement should help prevent 
bending and breakage of the delivery tube at the joint. I've not 
tried this so consider it only an option. Make sure this is done 
before putting any insulin in the system, or connecting the infusion 
tube to anything at all. -- Keep everything sterile and don't touch 
the ends of the infusion tubing while doing this.

If someone tries this, let me know how it works out so I can confirm 
to the next person that it is a tested and true method.

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