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Re: [IP] Re: Disetronic or MiniMEd

> Can anyone out there give me some advice fairly urgently on a
> burning issue which is going round my head at the moment??
> I am considering going onto pump therapy because of my unpredictable
> sugars but also because I am desperate to start regular exercise
> again, something I have not done for ages. I cannot work out just
> how critical the frequency of basal delivery is.

With the insulins in use today, the rate of insulin delivery makes no 
difference at all. The insulin is delivered under the skin and must 
diffuse through your tissue to reach the blood stream. The rate of 
this diffusion peaks at about 2 hours for Humalog and is noticable on 
a continuous stream method after 30 minutes or so. Bottom line..... 
whether it comes every 3 minutes or ever 20 minutes will make no 
difference in your overall bg control. GET a pump, your abiltiy to 
manage your diabetes will be greatly enhanced -- which one is a 
matter of the features you like best on your FORD, CHEVY or CHRYSLER 
All the pumps are good products, differing only in their various 
bells and whistles. Each consists of a motor, syringe and a 
computer+keypad to control delivery. You take it from there. If you 
haven't done so, get the literature and videos from Animas, 
Disetronic and Minimed, get loaners and try them out.

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