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[IP] Re: Disetronic Tenders


We have what sounds like a similar problem with the tenders and the 
tubing for our 4 year old over the 3 months he has been pumping.  The 
part that screws into the pump never breaks, but the place where the 
tubing meets the part that screws in breaks frequently right at the 
joint.  Sometimes the break is almost undetectable and we don't catch 
it until he has gone pretty high.

I have wondered whether I might be able to figure out how to 
reinforce it with tape, but I have not gotten around to it.  For us, 
this happens every few days, and I always imagined that it was from 
the abuse it takes.  I have also imagined that there might be better 
ways to attach the pump or clip it which would make it less 
vulnerable, but we have not figured out how yet.

This has been a problem with all the boxes of sets we have used.


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>Has anyone ever had problems with the Disetronic Tenders?  My son is 10 years
>old and although he plays rough with is pump on like any other child would
>play, we have had problems with the tenders.  The tubing is breaking right
>where you screw it into the pump cartridge.  I have called Disetronic with
>the lot number of the box, that this has happened to, they replaced it, but
>it happened again with this new box as well.  Maybe it is just my son, but he
>has been on the pump for 7 months now, and this has just started happening
>recently.  I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
>Thank you,
>Mom to Derek, age 10, dx'd 11/97 , pumping 7 months
>email @ redacted
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