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Re: [IP] Food Poisoning

I had it before the pump.  It sent me into DKA.  At first my sugars were 
fine........ just ALOT of throwing up.  Then I got so dehydrated that it sent 
my sugars up to HI on my meter.  At the time my parents were taking care of 
me b/c I was unable to take care of myself.  My dad finally took me to the 
ER.  I was in ICU and on a breathing machine for 3 days before I got better 
but was still out of it for a week or so.  I lost about 20 pounds and to this 
day cannot eat very hot foods or very cold foods.  I have medicine I have to 
take b/c all the throwing up tore up my esophogus(sp?) so bad it hurts alot.  
Since then I have changes my diet and do not eat red me except once in a blue 
moon.  Maybe a few times a year if that.  I was told that my case was not 
normal ( gee ya wonder?)  and that most people are over it in a few days.  I 
hope you are feeling better from your case and that you did not have the 
problems I had.

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