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[IP] Always Thought Diabetes...Continued

Hello Listers--

I made it home!  Came home on Saturday afternoon.   Spent a mere 4 days
in the hospital for a major surgery.  Its incredible how quickly they
move you in and out of the hospital.  I actually do not feel all that
bad either.  Yes my back, side and chest is sore and I am taking some
medication for pain relief but I imagined before going into this I would
be in some major pain. [ I've had lower back pain in the past worst than
what I am experiencing now!]

The surgical team did allow me to stay attached to my pump.  I gave them
a set a directional instuctions on how to use my pump and how much to
bolus if my BG's did rise. [Special note of thanks to Mary Jean Renstrom
whom sent me a Word.doc.  I only had to make minor changes.]  I preset
my basel 50% higher while in the prep room. They had a IV hooked up
feeding 8 grams of dextrose per hour so I also calculated that over a 3
hr period. Even after taking every possible step necessary to maintain
normal BG's throughout the procedure [ 4hrs ] my BG upon waking was 240.

For those of you you did not follow my previous threads, a short

I was recently diaganosed with stage IV metastatic melamoma of the
lung.   That's when skin cancer finds its way into the bloodstream
therefore allowed to travel to any organ, bone and even brain.  Before
surgery, all tests showed some tumors in my left lung which were removed
in surgery last Tues.  In 2 months I'll have surgery for a few much
smaller tumors on my right lung. A vaccine will be made from the tumors
and hopefuly fight off any remaining seeds.

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