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[IP] Re:Pregnancy questions--cold medicine


Sorry you have a cold too, and trouble breathing--me too. My nose is all
bloody and yucky, throat dry, and I feel like I can't get enough air. I
think the baby has expanded some, and my ribcage is constricted. Anyway,
I have a mister on throughout the night, which helps a lot, and I'm
drinking things like no sugar hot cider, decaf coffee and just plain
water. Also, I consulted the "what to expect" book and it says you can
try a commercial saline nose drop or make your own; Vicks vapo rub is
fine too. My "Fit Pregnancy" magazine says that antihistamines like
Benadryl and Chlortrimeton are safe, as are most cold remedies except
decongestants--try the saline spray instead. The safest cough suppressant
is dextromethorphan, indicated by a D or DM (i.e., Robitussin DM). I hope
this helps.

As for your blood sugars, I think you're doing great--better than me. I
have more than a few low 200s, even though I try not to. I've been
sending my blood sugars to the doctor every 5 days. He keeps readjusting
the basals, and they work a little, then it goes up again. He said the
pump is much better because the sugar isn't up as high for as long a
period of time. Testing frequently (I go for every 2 hours) is the best
thing. It is extremely frustrating, but I keep trying to do the right
thing by staying in touch with the doctor so much. One hormone your body
produces is an anti-insulin hormone, and this causes the highs. The
output of this hormone increases steadily throughout the second
trimester, which I think you may be just starting. The lows are normal
too. They don't harm the baby, they just make you tired. Maybe a few 2 am
spot checks are needed (I hate those!). Again, I think you are doing a
great job. You seem really on top of everything. 

BTW, I have an extra copy of the "what to expect" book, and I'd be glad
to send it to you if you want it.


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