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Re: Fw: [IP] MiniMed 508

Hi Rosemary:

The delivery time is not a problem for me.  My basal rate is
about 40 units per day and I usually take between 15 and 25
bolus units per day.  With the Humalog action, it really
doesn't matter to me whether the delivery is immediate or
whether it takes a minute or two.  If the insulin action
dropped bg's immediately, then I could see where this would
be a factor, but with a commencement of action in 15 +/-
minutes and a peak in 2 +/- hours, a few seconds doesn't
make much difference to me.  At 1.7 - 2 units per hour, the
basal infusions of .1 unit are spread pretty evenly over the
hour.  I can see where smaller increments may be useful for
people who are more insulin sensitive, but I don't see the
benefit of faster delivery.

For exercise - I normally just leave the pump attached and
make no changes to the basal rate (unless I'm low to start
with and then I usually just disconnect for up to an hour).
The speed of the delivery really doesn't affect me during
exercise.   However, having some type 2 resistance, I'm not
quite as sensitive to insulin as others are.

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