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[IP] Need old teeth or any you might be loosing

I'm sure this sounds wacky but I am studying the nerves and blood vessels 
of teeth. This study was never done in the past. The purpose is to identify 
pathological changes in the pulp tissue nerves and blood vessels in type 1 
diabetic patients to see how early these changes occur, the extent and 
progression of these changes over time and to correlate the changes with 
other diabetic complications. If you participate in this study you will not 
nor can you be identified personally. The teeth are just like other organs 
of the body, they have a blood supply and nerves. You will be asked to fill 
out a short e-mail questionaire and send me your name and dentist's name 
and address. I will mail your dentist a kit to mail your extracted teeth 
with instructions for preparation. If you want a written report of my 
findings do not forget to send your name and address so I can mail it to 
you. It takes several weeks to process the tissue. This study has been 
approved by Insulin-pumpers. Because of mailing restrictions this is 
limited to the United States and Canada only. Sorry. To participate send me 
an e-mail Subject: Dental Study. A way to help advance the knowledge of 
diabetes and its complications I will not be able to do the study without 
sufficient participation. At the same time, consider sending a check to 
Michael for Insulin pumpers.  just a few bucks from each of us will help. 
We will not ask for any money for this study and I will make a donation of 
$3.00 for each tooth we receive in your name. , Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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