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[IP] Re: Disetronic or MiniMEd

I chose Disetronic(wow it's been a whole month)... mostly for the features 
but also from my sales experience...
Logged on to the web, requested info from both companies. 
Disetronic's site let me leave out my phone number(I'm very busy and prefer 
to look stuff over, see if I have any questions and then talk to a pumpuser 
or rep), Minimed's did not,so I had to enter it in MiniMEds. Within 24 hours 
the calls started. Once a day(exactly when I got home-the busiest time), 
amazing-the individual never left a single message when we didn't pick 
up....a mini-med user would call us. and I'm not knocking mini-med by any 
means-but this aggressiveness when I wasn't even sure if I wanted to do this 
annoyed the hell out of me. 
The info I received from each co:
a full package from Disetronic, with a handwritten note, video, brochures, 
etc....and an email from the local rep asking if I would like to talk.
>From Mini-med- a brochure on the continuous glucose monitor(which I had not 
requested) and nothing else...

So aside from that I went with disetronic for(amongst a million other 
things)-a backup pump(I nevereverneverever want to go back to injections not 
even for 24hrs.!!!) the waterproof thing, the basal dose every 3 minutes, the 
simplicity...I also like the way they run their co.-the folks are beyond 
helpful and kind!  I've had a few issues with dead batteries, I thought my 
pump was acting up, I accidentaly ordered a few too many cases etc...and have 
used the back up pump and had new batteries and my freshly examined pump back 
in my hands quick as a wink.
SO I am thrilled-and it seems as far as dealings with the co. all of us here 
at insulin-pumpers have had many varied experiences....
If anyone has any questions, or has any suggestions on how to stop babbling 
through my fingers....:-)
email @ redacted
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