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[IP] Re: Friend in DKA and they pulled the pump

Hi Carolyn, 
Best of luck to your friend...
You have every right to be angry!  Similar situation last year- I went to the 
ER with a bad kidney infection, they dx'd me, gave me my scrips, then called 
my insurance co. for me. My insurance co had me transferred to another hosp. 
for observation(I went to the er I went to because they are covered and i've 
been there before(in the hosp 2 months) so they have my records.anyways, they 
transferred me to another hosp. where I spent the next 9hrs in observation 
having the same and more tests done. They were testing for stones(and I so 
clearly had an infection. They also said that I was on an insulin drip and 
would be kept until sugars improved and would be given a supplemental shot 
for meals, as well as enough painkillers to keep me comfortable(From the 
makebelieve stones) I argued left and right. (I was not on the pump then)  
Needless to say my sugars got higher and higher- I rec'd multiple lectures 
from the dietician and the endo on call about discipline and asking if I had 
been trying to kill myself(as my sug
ars were so high).  So I started sneaking my insulin, immediately brought my 
sugars down, and found out that they had not been giving me an insulin drip 
but a glucose one(highly diluted but still not a good thing)(not to mention 
me telling them that I normally take 6u for an average meal and they would 
only give 1u.
Once I put the pieces together I was so angry I took the bus home(instead of 
waiting two hours for my husband in that hell hole)-and on the way I filled 
my scrip(from the original er)for antibiotics and within 2 days of being 
released I fealt normal again (though terrified of going near the ER again)
Anyways, everyone says doctors are humans they make mistakes, well it does 
happen, but mistakes don't occur even 1/2 as much when a little common sense 
is used along with a prescription pad.
Ugh. Carolyn I am as annoyed as you are.
Has anyone else had a rediculous experience like this?
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