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[IP] Need help with pre-pubertal control

We've had some awful numbers lately, and I'm looking for help...Stephanie is
11.5 years old (diagnosed at 4.5) and has been pumping 2.5 years with a
Disetronic. She uses humalog in her pump and has had relatively decent
control over the last few years. The last few months have included a family
relocation from Colorado to Virginia complete with new school, friends,
activity patterns, etc.

Cut to the chase...Stephanie's insulin requirements have increased steadily
over the last 3-4 months, with some basals increasing as much as 200% and
now she's out of whack again! Came home from school several hours ago with a
543 (ouch!), slight ketones, and is only now beginning to come down slowly.
This is only the most recent of several episodes...site is new, insulin is
fresh, no signs of illness, etc. Could puberty be causing this much havoc
with her numbers? I don't mind increasing her basals yet again, but I've not
been able to find anything that supports an increase of this magnitude.
Anyone else have this sort of experience or any other general advice
regarding young females and diabetes (tried hiding in the closet during my
older daughter's non-D puberty...didn't help, so guess I'm looking for
diabetes related suggestions.)

Please cc your reply to me privately at email @ redacted since I am too
busy testing and pushing liquids to check all the digests!

Thanks for your help everyone!
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