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[IP] Pump Shopping

In a message dated 11/27/00 12:27:28 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Re: Minimed vs. Disetronic -- Which did you pick? >>

I decided on the MiniMed.

I had literature and videos from MM, D and Animas. Originally I thought that 
the waterproof would be the most likely candidate, however, I ended up 
deciding on the MM 508 because it delivered insulin in one tenth incriments. 
It turns out that it is water resistant, and slightly smaller than the others.

The Animas was also too new.

I am happy with it and have had no major problems. I did have to switch to 
the Micro Soft Set, but that would have been an issue with any of the pumps.

The problem is that I have a bunch of the full size Soft Sets that I will 
never use. What can I do with them? Any ideas?

Susan M
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