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Re: [IP] Sound Like A Flu to you?

> Well...just to throw me for a loop last Wednesday our son had
> tummy-trouble and trotted once to the bathroom.  I was concerned,
> but waited to see what would follow.  Nothing but a sore stomach,
> but then came the high bgs!  He looked very pale, and I would have
> normally thought he was LOW.  I got the high down to a target
> level...then it came back up again a couple hours later!  SPent the
> night chasing a few high numbers.

Pretty typical for illness. The body usually needs lots more energy 
and thus more insulin when it is fighting off and illness. When my 
daughter gets ill, it is not uncommon for us to simply set a higher 
basal rate to cover things until she gets better. Usually this just 
takes 2 - 3 days.

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