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Re: [IP] Friend in DKA and they pulled the pump!!- sorry, Long!

>    My thoughts are with your friend.
>    It just makes me so angry to see all these doctors (GP's and endos) who
>simply refuse to help their patients gain control of their bg's and their
>LIVES using modern technology tools!
>    Perhaps they would certainly change their minds if they had to live with
>diabetes themselves.
>    Hope your friend pulls through!!

Question is; how do we change these doctors and endos?  Any ideas?

I shutter at the thought of going to ER here.  No doc here has ever even
seen a pump and all are against it for no good reason.  I saw my "endo" the
day i pumping Saline.  I supprized him with the pump.  His advice was that
I'd fail the pump as all the others have failed it.  Also he recommended
using boluses to cover the time between meals and getting back on a fixed
meal schedule and test no more than 5 times per day when starting the pump.
This is the only endo in NS who sees pump patients and his goal is to get
the people off of the pump and back on non-intensive MDI.

I have two wallet cards I designed a refirned Medic Alert and updated files
at Er all saying in BLOCK:  DO NOT REMOVE PUMP.  I don't think we can
overcompensate on warnings to "NOT REMOVE PUMP".  Too many idiots out there.

Please take appropriate measures.  At least it's all we can do for now.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
Pumping for 4 days thanks to the support of a lot of wonderful internet
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