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Re: [IP] Friend in DKA and they pulled the pump!!- sorry, Long!

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From: "Carolyn Green" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 10:12 AM
Subject: [IP] Friend in DKA and they pulled the pump!!- sorry, Long!

I just came home from a famous hospital in Baltimore, MD where I had some
"stuff" done to my heart. They didn't have Humalog insulin either...at least
not on the floor where I was staying. I brought all of my meds with me
including about 3 of ea. type of insulin pens (I'm not on the pump
yet...eagerly awaiting) and all my pills. Well, they gave me a hard time
about taking my own meds. They said it was hospital policy for them to give
out meds from there, but finally gave in when I explained that I HAD to have
my Humalog! When they ask to hold on to your meds for you in the hospital,
give them only half of your supply...maybe that'll work! I can understand
not "trusting" me when my blood sugars are whacky and tend to go low, but
I've been Type I for 29 yrs. Give me and us a break!!!

     Your friend will definitely be in my prayers!

.-- Sharon
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