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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed vs. Disetronic

I recieved the info packages from both MM and D. I reviewed both materials,
saw both pumps, had the opportunity to wear both as lonaers from my endo's
office. I like them both. I also like the Animas virtual pump, altho it
wasn't FDA approved when I started pumping last February. After careful
examination, I chose Disetronic becuase I am a bubblebath fan and appreciate
fine Swiss mechanical devices, plus simpler is better for me. MM customer
service is great and I prefer MM sof-sets tho. My CDE who trained me wore a
D herself, altho I didn't know it until she trained me. My endo and her made
sure to make sure I chose for myself. They spoke highly of both brands. All
pumps are good, but personally, the D was better for me. I 've dropped my
pump on hard floors hundreds of times already and all that's occured is that
Fluffy now looks a little scruffy (glue flakes but does not effect the
workings of the pump, is purely a cosmetic problem)and I have Fluffy 2 if I
drop the pump one too many times. My next pump will likely be a Animas
becuase I really love the features they have. Pump choice is a matter of
personal taste- base it on pump features.

Happy Pumping!
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