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[IP] Re: MiniMed 508

I've been using the MiniMed 508 for just under a month. I am extremely happy
with my pump. I am not at all knocking Disetronic or Animas, I just want to
share my MiniMed happiness.

People are talking about basal delivery rates...for me that is a non-issue.
My basal rates are set for .3 to .5 units per hour. With that small of a
dosage, I don't need delivery every 3 minutes.

In doing my research ahead of time, MiniMed sent me a package right away.
Disetronic did not. I called three times before I finally got a package of
literature from Disetronic, and then they had the wrong name on the package.

My MiniMed rep told me that the MiniMed (electronic compartment) and
Disetronic pumps have the same water rating. Disetronic markets theirs as
waterproof with the plug, and MiniMed markets theirs as water resistant. I
tested this out with my demo unit...I submerged it in water for 60 minutes.
I functioned just fine under water and continued to deliver saline. Sure,
the reservoir area got wet, but a paper towel and cool blow dryer fixed that
quickly. Do I plan to take MY pump under water? No, but it is nice to know
that it would be fine if it accidentally gets submerged.

Regarding receiving two pumps and customer service...

I already have my second pump. I called them to document the fact that one
of the seven hinges on the reservoir door was broken. Six connection points
were still in tact. The function of my pump was just fine and I didn't have
any problems...I just wanted it documented just in case.

The MiniMed support person with whom I spoke insisted that they ship another
to me to arrive the next morning (Saturday). I said that wouldn't be
necessary because it still worked just fine. He still insisted and I had my
replacement pump in less that 18 hours. He said this replacement is part of
their unconditional guarantee.

After hearing that others have had problems with reservoir doors, perhaps
that is why they responded as they did.

I also had a positive experience with their insurance department. With my
busy calendar, my pump started would have been either November 3, or the
middle of December. Once they got the letter from my doctor, they got
insurance approval within 24 hours, and shipped it the next day. I started
pumping two days later.

Jonathan Meersman
Dx 6/2000
MM 508 11/2000
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