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[IP] Friend in DKA and they pulled the pump!!- sorry, Long!

Hi all!
 I am sooo upset right now. One of the members in our
pumpers group is in the hospital right now in ICU. He
has had the flu, got dehydrated, sugars were high but
not life-threatening. He went into emergency where our
local endo who does not support pumps disconnected
him. He had no insulin for 2 hours before they did a
blood sugar. His bg had risen to 864. The local Dr.
did not consult with the Dr. who put him on the pump.
To top it off, the hospital did not have any Humalog
insulin...can you imagine? At this point, we do not
even know if my friend is going to make it. I am sooo
mad I could spit nails!!!!!
 We have tried to talk to this local endo about pumps
but he claims they are dangerous...maybe yes, when
they are in his hands!! He thinks he is so high and
mighty and we know nothing about diabetes. A lot of
our pumpers are old patients of his who have got fed
up with his poor diabetic doctoring care that they
have sought better care elsewhere...I know, I am one
of them. 
 I met one of his patients yesterday who is a type 1,
on 1 shot a day. He is a friend of my ex's and he
stopped off for me to do a bg on his friend who had
stayed the weekend with him and peed constantly and in
2 days drank a case of diet coke. The ex was concerned
about where his bg was at. Needless to say, his bg was
513, which I guess is normal for him. Luckily, this
fellow has recently been in contact with a local CDE
who had told me about him and that he was interested
in the pump. I will be phoning a member of his family
today as we would really like to help him, he is only
32 and he is deaf. I have told him about the web site
here as it will be great for him to communicate here
on the mail list and at chats.
 Keeping my friend in my prayers! 
Carolyn Green

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