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Re: [IP] Life and diabetes (Probs with being organized VS blood sugar?)

Not a lecture, my own experience:

I've been type I for about 27 years.  Being diagnosed at 9 years of age; I
am speaking as a big 9 year old here:

Parents' body language or words Often show disapproval of the test numbers.
As a kid, we see the disappointment and frustration on our parent's faces
when they see a "bad" test result.  We grow up in fear of each test and
doctor's appointment because anything less than perfect blood glucose
control may cause our parents anger and frustration because of us; not the

Please make sure you explicitly tell your child that your frustration or
anger is with the diabetes and not with him or her!

Test results are not good nor bad. They are simply facts to use as a tool
in trying to achieve better control.  Absolutely nothing more!

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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