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<< Re: [IP] Animas? >>

My daughter who is 12 likes the Animas since it looks like a pager, and the 
other pumps looked a little more "medical".  I like that it gives frequent 
doses and allows very fine adjustment in dosage, which is important since my 
daughter went on the pump 4 months after diagnosis and is still on a fairly 
low dose of insulin.  The company rep has been wonderful,  even going in to 
the school to train the school nurse the day of the insulin start.  Finally 
they have a nurse, I think a CDE, available 24 hours a day, so she can answer 
both clinical and technical questions.  This has been so helpful since we are 
new to both diabetes and the pump.  I am really happy with the pump and the 
support from Animas.
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