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Re: [IP] Didn't know you were diabetic

At 09:39 PM 10/17/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Notha wrote:
>>  think this all goes back to people just thinking "take your 
>>  medicine, don't eat sugar...and you run smooth as silk, and 
>>  you won't have any trouble".....comments from the "public" 
>>  about diabetics with complications....."they did not take care 
>>  of themselves, they ate sugar"
>Fat people who dont exercise and eat too much sugar are NOT the 
>only people to develop diabetes, just as attractive gay men with a
>towards unsafe sex are NOT the only people to develop AIDS!  I am sick of 
>stereotypes...for ALL diseases!!  STAND UP - Why can't we be as loud and 
>abnoxious as those OTHER groups!!!  If we don't ripple the water we dont
>Sara SP

Howdy SaraSP;
	I got a kick out of your post!  HOW TRUE about the mis-informed.  Also,
being a gay man who also is a type 1, I especially liked your reference
about "Not the only people to develop AIDS".  I am negative myself, but
really get pissed off when someone refers to gays as AIDS transmitters!  If
they only knew about the hetero's that are HIV+, and how easy it is to
transmit the dis-ease.  Diabetics, fortunatley, do not have that danger
with our
DIS-ease, but the uninformed ALSO believe that D. is transmittable.
	You really put a smile and a laugh when I read your post........ thank you!
		Bill McK.
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