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At 12:21 AM 10/25/00 +0000, you wrote:
>On 24 Oct 2000, at 18:46, email @ redacted wrote:
>> soft-serter. I think that is the correct name. It looks a bit long. I just 
>> hate needles. Imagine that, an idd afraid of needles. It took me over an
>> to do my first injection with a short needle and that is all I have used. 

Hi smurfette!
	I, along with MANY other people, have a terriffic needle phobia!  When I
was in the hospital, after diag.
with diab., they had given me an IV in emergency.  36 hours later the IV
site really got painful and had to be changed from the top of my left hand
to the inside of the elbow.  This was done at 1:30 a.m.  The nurse that did
the change did an absolutley wonderful job, didn't feel a thing.  I did
tell him that I hated needles.  While he was wrapping up after the
insertion, I said that he did a great job, THEN I STARTED TO PASS OUT!.
The front desk called over the intercom "what is going on? Is everything
o.k.?".  She came into my room with the strip chart of my monitor and MY
HEART HAD STOPPED BEATING FOR 2 SECONDS!!!!   That is obviously why I
almost passed out, and how powerful a phobia can be!  Phobias are nothing
to take lightly as they CAN be dangerous!
	Just wanted to pass this on..........
		Bill McK.
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