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Fw: [IP] MiniMed 508

Hi Linda,

I've been very happy with the MM508.  The only problems I've
had were with the infusion sets - but that would be the same
no matter the brand.  I've had no trouble with the 508
alarms or over-delivery or reservoir door opening.   The
features that I really like are the remote bolus control,
the four basal options (including the temporary basil), the
dual bolus (which worked great for Turkey Day), the
vibration option (easier when I'm in a meeting and don't
want the alarm to sound), the back lit screen, and easy-to
find batteries (they also fit the Fast Take so I only need
to stock one type and they are available at nearly any store
if I find that I'm without a backup supply).  The button
controls are easy to use once one gets the hang of it.  The
buttons are easy to work without seeing them (they have some
texture so you can feel them in your pocket or at night).

I didn't know that Disetronic provided two pumps until after
I had gone with MM - while its a nice benefit, I have not
needed to use a backup.  If I did need a replacement, the
warranty is good and I could use shots for a few days until
the replacement arrived.  The waterproof features of the
Disetronic are also nice, but I don't like to swim or shower
with the pump attached, so it doesn't matter much one way or
the other - the infusion set disconnect is more important to

I also liked the look of the MM - it looks more like a pager
than the D.  The D looked a bit too medical - While I'm
happy telling anyone about the pump, I don't want it to be a
fashion statement, either.  The MM had a nice business type
of look.

Best wishes in your decision.  It's hard to choose between
several 'right' choices.

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