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Re: [IP] Life and diabetes (Probs with being organized VS blood sugar?)


  The mail reason I am responding is because of your use of 'bad' blood 
sugars.  My 8 year old son, Joshua, just went through a period of lying about 
his numbers and not letting anyone see the meter.  It almost sent him to the 
hospital with DKA.  Our endo, who I feel is THE most incredible MD in the 
world, made an appointment just for us to talk to Josh (I left the room) to 
get to the root of the problem.  He had been off the pump for a few months 
and we just went back on this weekend.  He was really wanting to go back on.  
Plus, he equated high bg's with being 'bad' so he thought if all his bg's 
were 'good' he was good!!!

  A BG is a BG.  Whether it is high or low it is still a BG.  It is telling 
you that you need some extra insulin or some extra snack.  It is NOT telling 
you that you are good or bad.  That is apparently a common problem, 
especially amongst teens and pre-teens.  My son is not yet 9 and he is 
already sensing this which is very bothersome to me and our endo.  I am 
watching myself very closely now to see how I react to his numbers to see if 
I  may have contributed to his thinking.

   I hope that what I've said makes sense.  I also hope that if you can come 
to realize this difference then you may be on your way to feeling more 
organized because you mihgt start feeling better about yourself!!!

  Good Luck!

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